We get some lovely feedback from people who attend our cookery days. We thought we would share a few with you...

Thank you for a great day with the excellent Mike Keen,today on your seafood cookery day is my first time on a foodie course and hopefully not my last.Thanks to Mike who was excellent not just his chef skills but also his ability to communicate that!!...thank you and Minnie for your huge contribution too!! thanks see you soon at the Game !!
Mike Freeman

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the Cookery Class yesterday. Excellently organised , a great chef, very friendly colleagues and , of course fine food. What more can you wish for !!!!
Jill Knott

I had a ball yesterday on the Chocolate Desserts course. My mind was abuzz for hours! Illia structured the course so well and used the time to teach us the mechanics and important tips 100% effectively for me. I loved the whole day.
Liz Gordon

Had a great day on the Fish Supper day today with Mike Keen. A very relaxed and enjoyable day with a fabulous lunch at the end of it. This is the best birthday present I have ever had and would highly recommend it.
Julie Longstaff

Thank you for making our team day such an enjoyable one! Third visit for us and you just keep making it better, even our growing numbers didn’t spoil the day and the marquee meant even an English summer didn’t spoil anything for us – thank you to you and your team, a well organised and very enjoyable day.
The MicroScooter team.

Thank you ever so much for providing such a wonderful day out yesterday. It was absolute cooking heaven! I have already been shopping for all of the ingredients to make everything (except for the octopus but I would love to give that a go one day). Tonight I'm going to have a go at making pasta and pesto to go with salt baked bream so let's hope it goes well...Please thank David also. I will definitely attend another course in the very near future (and will demand another birthday gift!) so I wish you every success with the business.
Katie Slattery

What a wonderful day I've just spent with Rose & Amanda on the Spring lunch cookery course! I've learnt to correct some long-standing culinary errors; been cured of a fear of curdling cream; met interesting people and ate a superb lunch. Thank you for such a lovely day.
Susan Devereaux

Thank you for a very enjoyable day yesterday. Mike certainly knows his stuff and is very good at communicating it and you were the perfect host.
Good luck with the business, and perhaps I will attend another course in the future.
Reg Whiteman

First of all thank you for a wonderful day, I really, really enjoyed the course. It was such a lovely relaxed atmosphere and Mike was a wonderful teacher. I especially enjoyed eating what we had all cooked.

Thank you for a great day yesterday!  Been talking about it all day!

What a wonderful experience. The stage was set and everything came together nicely. The environment was just 5 star. I just await my next visit. I can only recommend everyone to enjoy this time with class hands on. Forget what you see on the telly and come and enjoy.
Alan Milne


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Course Dates

Greek Summer Flavours
Friday 4th August
In the 'Greek Summer Flavours' course you'll learn how to make some truly authentic dishes. With our guidance you'll make tzatziki, dolmades, spanakopita, greek salad, Moussaka and galaktoboureko.
Cooking with a twist:
Design a cupcake
Monday 14th August
Cookery lessons that combine cooking with maths and writing for children aged 9-11. The educational topics covered include: measuring, decimals, fractions, calculating time and writing instructions.
Cooking with a twist:
Build a gingerbread house or castle
Tuesday 15th August
Cookery lessons that combine cooking with maths and writing for children aged 9-11. The educational topics covered here include: calculating areas and perimeters, understanding symmetry, calculating time and story planning.
Cooking with a twist:
Pizza by the metre
Wednesday 16th August
Cookery lessons that combine cooking with maths and writing for children aged 9-11. The educational topics covered will include: fractions, pie and bar charts, working out the mode, mean and median and calculating time.
Pasta making for young chefs
Thursday 17th August
In this class aspiring young chefs, 8-12 year olds, will learn how to prepare their own pasta dough, rolling it out and shaping it into Farfalle. They will also make a simple Italian tomato sauce.
Italian for Teenagers
Friday 18th August
Aspiring young chefs, 13-17 year olds, will learn how to prepare pizza dough and turn it into dough balls or pizza and make pasta dough to make Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce. For dessert they will make a strawberry tiramisu.
Curing and Smoking
with Mike Keen
Sunday 20th August
Learn how to make your own cured and smoked meats and fish. Mike will guide you through the process of curing, hot and cold smoking, and how to build your own smoker at home.
Introduction to Patisserie
Tuesday 5th September
In the 'Introduction to Patisserie' course, you'll learn how to create a selection of patisserie classics. During the five hour workshop, you'll make Profiteroles, Millefeuille with crème patisserie and Glazed fruit tarts.
with Mike Keen
Wednesday 6th September
Spend the day with the lovely Mike Keen and learn how to make sushi. Mike will teach you all the skills and techniques you need to make delicious Sushi at home.
Macarons & Marshmallows
Monday 11th September
In this course, we'll make some beautifully coloured French macarons and will create some delicious marshmallows in various flavour combinations. Learn tips and tricks to introduce flavour variations giving a contemporary twist to your confectionery creations.
Flavours of the Middle East
Tuesday 12th September
Take a gastronomic journey through Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt and learn how to make some truly authentic dishes from the region. These include: Pittas , Boreks, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tabouleh, Ta'miyya, Kofte and Baklava.
2 day Artisan Bread Making
14th and 15th September
Learn how to enhance the flavour of your breads by using pre-ferments such as biga, poolish and sponges, how to create, look after and use sourdough starters and how to bake wholemeal, rye and enriched breads.
Introduction to Gluten Free Baking
Monday 18th September
In the 'Introduction to Gluten-free baking' course, you will learn how to make delicious gluten-free bread, pastry and cakes. This workshop includes demonstrations, instructions and guidance on how to achieve good results with gluten-free ingredients.
Healthy Family Meals
Tuesday 19th September
Focusing on good quality ingredients and home cooking techniques we'll show you how you can make nourishing and exciting meals for your family. Discover new healthy alternatives that will become part of your everyday meal repertoire.
British Breads
Monday 25th September
Taking part in the British Food Fortnight initiative, we are showing our love for British food with one of nation's most favourite foods, the bread. In this class you'll learn how to make, shape and bake a selection of British breads.
British Sausages
with Mike Keen
Tuesday 26th September
Learn how to make your own proper sausages. Mike Keen will guide you through the process of selecting the meat and spices to make and fill a selection of sausages. You'll then cook some classic British sausage dishes with a twist or two.
British Fish and Seafood
with Mike Keen
Thursday 28th September
Taking part in the British Food Fortnight initiative, we are showing our love for British fish and seafood. Mike Keen will take you through the different stages of preparing and cooking a delicious 3 course lunch, focusing on British Fish and Seafood and let you into tricks of the trade.
British Pastry and biscuits
Friday 29th September
Taking part in the British Food Fortnight initiative, we are showing our love for British food with nation's favourite pastries and biscuits. In this class you'll learn how to make a bakewell tart, Eccles cakes, shortbread and Gingernuts.
British Apples
Monday 2nd October
In this class you'll learn how to make apple crisps, apple chutney, mackerel with apples and beetroot, a casserole of apple, cider and pork, and an apple snow pudding with gingernut biscuits.
British Pies
with Mike Keen
Tuesday 3rd October
Learn how to make a selection of British pies. Mike will guide you through the process of making a delicious range of pies from hand-raised pork pie to the most delicious steak and ale pie.
Classic British Cakes
Thursday 5th October
In the 'Classic British Cakes' course, you'll learn how to bake successfully a Victoria sandwich, a Chocolate Swiss roll and Gingerbread. You will take home the cakes you have made during the workshop along with a recipe and method booklet, to remind you of what you have learnt.
Chocolate Desserts
Thursday 12th October
Build a repertoire of impressive chocolate desserts by learning how to make bitter chocolate mousse with cherry sauce, chocolate fondants with salted caramel sauce and individual rich chocolate tarts with orange and hazelnuts praline.
Friday 13th October
In this Seafood course, you'll learn how to choose, prepare and cook different types of seafood. We'll prepare and cook dishes with prawns, scallops, clams or mussels, and calamari.
Vegetarian Autumn Flavours
Monday 16th October
Whether you are a vegetarian wanting to get some ideas for new flavours, or just looking for some great tasting alternatives to meat dishes, discover some gems from the Mediterranean and Middle East, and build an impressive vegetarian repertoire.
Introduction to Bread Making
Tuesday 17th October
In the 'Introduction to Bread Making' course, you'll learn how to make, shape and bake three different types of doughs. With these skills you'll be creating a white loaf, a Focaccia bread and delicious Chelsea buns
Thursday 19th October
Learn the tricks and techniques to make three classic types of pastry. During the workshop, you'll make shortcrust pastry, pate sucre and flaky pastry. You'll put them to good use creating a Leek and Gruyere tart, a Salmon en Croute and a Lemon Tart.

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